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Educator Issues: 7/29/07 - 8/5/07

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Community Connections

School will be under way in just two weeks. It is a perfect time to consider beneficial community connections. The possibilities are truly limitless. The university may be a great partner for combining their students with my students, particularly in the sciences. How fantastic if a group of university students who are studying biology or physics could come to my class, my students could don lab coats and the entire group engage in some fantastic experimentation and research! Just one possibility. I wonder what a local greenhouse could offer or perhaps Lowes could provide materials to design some mousetrap race cars. Last year we had a visitor from a bank come and provide a series of lessons on economics, but what are some extensions to this? Perhaps an architectural firm might provide some Popsicle sticks and basic instruction on various structural designs. I wonder what Proctor and Gamble may offer. The list goes on.